Senate asks Tinubu to begin pushing for complete LG autonomy.

President Bola Tinubu has been ordered by the Senate to launch a campaign for complete local government autonomy in order to reduce unemployment, insecurity, and rural-urban migration.

In order to examine the road map for obtaining complete local government autonomy, the upper chamber further requested that the President call a national conference including governors, state lawmakers, local government officials, civil society organisations, and community leaders.

The 1999 constitution should be amended to promote such independence, according to some legislators who have dubbed the local government the most misused system.

Senator Abba Moro, the head of the senate minority, reminded that the LG administration is at a standstill because more than 17 states now have caretaker committees in place of local governments.

The need of looking at system abuse in detail was stressed by him.

Anambra South senator Ifeanyi Ubah disclosed that local government elections had not been held in Anambra State for the past eighteen years.

He maintained that one of the main obstacles to the independence of the local government system is the failure to put the 1999 framework into practice.

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