Court prohibits Bayero from presenting him self as Emir, orders police to remove him from palace.

The mini-palace on State Road is to be evacuated from Aminu Ado Bayero’s control after a Kano High Court ordered him to stop presenting himself as the 15th Emir of Kano.

On Monday, the order was issued by the court presided over by Justice Amina Adamu Aliyu.

Until the substantive motion is considered on June 11, 2024, Monday’s order is effective.

In Thursday’s decision, the Federal High Court halted the statute reestablishing the five emirates that had been dissolved in the state of Kano and restricted Muhammadu Sunusi II’s reinstatement as emir. This legal dispute followed.

But Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf challenged the decision, saying the judge who handed it down was based in the United States. The governor, Yusuf, has promised to inform the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) about the situation. Nothing can prevent Muhammadu Sanusi II from being recognised as Emir of Kano, he adamantly stated.

With Friday’s relocation into the emir’s palace, Sanusi II began his duties as Emir of Kano, disobeying the earlier ruling. Upon his return to Kano on Saturday morning, Bayero—who had been absent during his deposition—was escorted by heavy security to a mini-palace on State Road.

Muhammad Gumel, the Kano State Commissioner of Police, and other top security officials have pledged to carry out the court’s directives.

Attorney General Gumel promised that “we will strictly adhere to the court’s order restraining Sanusi as Emir.”

Other traditional rulers are also impacted by the court order. Aliyu Ibrahim Gaya, Kabiru Muhammad Inuwa, Ibrahim Abubakar II, and Nasiru Ado Bayero are all prevented from acting as emirs of their respective territories by this document.

Ado Bayero, Ibrahim Abubakar II, Kabiru Muhammad Inuwa, Aliyu Ibrahim Gaya, the Head of the Department of State Services, the Nigerian Army, the Inspector General of Police, and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps are all named as defendants in this claim. The state of Kano, its attorney general, the speaker of the assembly, and the assembly itself are the plaintiffs.

Justice Aliyu emphasised the importance of maintaining legal standards by saying, “This court will guarantee the respect and upholding of its orders until the substantive motion is considered.”

Many people will be watching the hearing on June 11, 2024, because the legal disputes in Kano are still quite heated.

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