FG suspends duties on rice, wheat, maize, other commodities.

The Federal Government has declared taxes on some basic food goods imported via land and sea borders suspended as well as levies and customs.

Monday at a news briefing at the National news Centre, Abuja, Abubakar Kyari, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, made this known.

Kyari said that the food items on the list—maestro, wheat, husked brown rice, cowpeas—would enjoy a 150-day duty-free import window.

The action, he said, is part of the Presidential Accelerated Stabilisation and Advancement Plan meant to bring food security and national economic stability.

The minister said the government has been working nonstop to solve the food inflation situation, which has seen prices soar to before unheard-of heights.

Kyari so reassured Nigerians that the government is dedicated to attaining food security and making sure none of their citizens go to bed hungry.

The Federal Government has declared a 150-day duty-free import window for food commodities, suspension of duties, tariffs, and taxes for the importation of specified food commodities (across land and sea borders), he said. Among these are wheat, cowpeas, maize, and husked brown rice.

This set-up will apply a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) to imported food commodities.

“I am happy to underline that the stance of the administration reflects criteria that would not jeopardise the safety of the several food products for consumption.

Apart from private sector imports, the Federal Government would also import 250,000 metric tonnes of maize and 250,000 metric tonnes of wheat. Targeting supply to small-scale processors and millers all throughout the nation, the imported food commodities in their semi-processed form will appeal to

Furthermore mentioned by Kayir was the Renewed Hope National Livestock Transformation Implementation Committee established by the federal government to create and carry out policies giving cattle development first priority in line with the National Livestock Transformation Plan.

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