Police lay siege at Ekiti govt house, restrict Fayose, others’ movement

Armed police officers numbering over 50 have cordoned off the entrance to the Ekiti State Government house, restricting movement in and out of the complex.

police Armoured Personnel Carrier and Hilux vehicles parked at the entrance blocking the pavilion and the area leading to the governor’s office.

The Attorney General of Ekiti State, Kolap Kolade, told Journalists that the police officers took over the place as early as 8a.m. Wednesday.

“The governor had planned to meet with civil servants from grade level one to seven at 9am on Wednesday,” Mr Kolade explained.

“The meeting was also to stage a road show with the workers wearing white shirts, but before anyone could get there, the police had arrived with over 50 vehicles and blocked the place.”

He also said that the governor who wanted to drive out of the office was prevented by the policemen who threw teargas to ensure that the governor drove back into his office.

“They fired teargas canisters and the governor had to return to the office. He is still there now and cannot go out. Nobody can drive in or out, but those who are trekking can do so around the area,” Mr Kolade added.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Ekiti State, Caleb Okechukwu, told Journalists the police were stationed at the government house to provide security for all citizens.

“Our job is to provide security for everybody and that is what we are doing,” Mr Okechukwu said.

But when asked whether the barricade at the government house was to safeguard the governor, he would not respond, but stated that the police were drafted to protect the citizens.

“I am not a politician and I am not with the governor, but we are there to protect lives and property.”

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