Adamawa ADC woes, sign of Sen. Nyako’s failure – Bindow Support Group

The Bindow support group under the aegis of Bindow Neighbour2Neighbour   has chided the African Democratic Congress, led by Sen. Nyako over its failed congress in Adamawa State, saying the outcome of the meeting showed that the ADC is not a credible platform for Adamawa people to aspire to elective offices. The Group also noted that the confusion, impunity and lawlessness in the ADC has further exposed the failure of the Sen. Nayko-led ADC in Adamawa State, adding that as a result, Adamawas will vote in Bindow in 2019. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Group Publicity Secretary, Samson Waziri, said the ADC has blown its chances having “Lost its soul and can no longer be reckoned with as a political party.” The Group also alleged that a cabal in Adamawa ADC has overthrown the ADC constitution, suppressed dissenting voices and is now set to impose a dictatorial regime within its ranks, reminiscent of a military coup. “It is now certain that the Adamawa ADC is no longer a credible platform but an appropriated one, where only those anointed by the Sen. Nyako cabal can have the opportunity to aspire for any position within its ranks. The ADC has been seized and is irredeemably damaged ahead of the 2019 general elections. “From the outcome of the Tuesday’s ADC failed primary in Adamawa, it is clear that the party has finally collapsed, lost all democratic credentials and can no longer provide level playing ground for its members or even other Nigerians to freely aspire for any position of their choice, particularly, the Governorship and National Assembly positions in the 2019 general elections. “Adamawa watched with rude shock as Sen. Nyako, the alledge super hero, directly superintended over the worst kind of corruption in a political party by overthrowing its constitution and democratic processes, all in the bid to shut out other contenders in the Governorship race; a development which further confirms that Sen. Nyako has lost popularity even in his own party. “We invite all to note that whereas the ADC constitution provides for a four year tenure for officials of its organs and enshrined a re-election or reappointment at the expiration of the said tenure, Sen Nyako muzzled the ADC. “The ADC is so dysfunctional that under the grip of the Governorship candidate cabal, the party in contravention of its own constitution does not have a BOT which explains the reason it lacks conscience and failed completely in delivering good governance to the nation. “The confusion and lawlessness that were the hallmarks of the outcome of the ADC caucus meeting in Yola signpost the failures inherent in the incompetent, blundering Sen. Nyako-led ADC in Adamawa. The Group frown at the accusation fingers pointed to Adamawa State Government to be responsible for court order stopping the so called primary in Adamawa State.

“count us out of your confusion, how ADC as party that claim to replace Bindow with Sen. Nyako in 2019 engaged in a show of shame in the street of Yola all in the name of primary. The statement said.

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