Crowd boos Halilu a.k.a Modi at Mubi

Apc gubernatorial aspirant Halilu a.k.a Modi has again been booed by members of the public. Modi at the entrance of Mubi  to consult with delegates ahead of the Saturday gubernatorial primary of the APC, the  politician seeking gubernatorial ticket of APC , walked into the waiting hands of hostile crowd who chanted “Sai Bindow’’. As he waved, the jeering crowd surged shouting “Sai Bindow’’, an indication of his rejection. The twitter video of the incident is succinctly captured by the twitter handle of @hamidu66 and also posted on Facebook walls. He was similarly humiliated at the Yola airport International Airport in Yola, where passengers and onlookers booed, shouting “Sai BIndow’’. Modi was described by many as a political neophyte, who has no administrative experience to govern Adamawa, according to public opinion. His entrance into 2019 Adamawa APC guber contest is already causing ripple, as he joined the disgraced former SGF, Lawal to muscle Bindow for the ticket on Saturday

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