Ribadu Stepdowns For Bindow? A Comic Tale Of The Century

By Bitrus Michika
The wailers are at it again and this time, they have plotted the biggest comic story of the century. I woke up to a story by a very funny news medium known as the ‘newshawk’ alleging the APC Adamawa guber aspirant, Nuhu Ribadu is set to step down for incumbent, Senator Muhammad Unarmed Jibrilla Bindow. As I read the story I can’t help but laugh myself out, until a deep sense of anger enveloped me about how the media has allowed themselves to be used by some failing politicians.
The statement accused some people for betraying Ribadu especially Mohammed Sadiq (Walin Ganye), who played a critical role in Ribadu’s gubernatorial bid and was one of the pillars on whose shoulder the Ribadu’s 2019 project is anchored. It says, “But in a twist of betrayal, he connived with others in the camp to sell their conscience by supporting Modi who was hitherto not even a factor in the race”.
The story noted that the same personality has betrayed Ribadu in the build up to the 2015 general election by ditching him in the middle of the race but because of the magnanimity of Ribadu, he was still given a chance to prove himself but again fell the litmus test.
And here comes the most interesting part of the story; we, the supporters of Ribadu will push for Modi’s defeat today as a payback to the treachery of the likes of Walin Ganye. We will make them to swallow the bitter pills of betrayal as we shall rally round Bindow and ensure his success today”.
If Nuhu Ribadu and his teeming supporters choosed to support Governor Bindow as a pay back for the betrayal by some people who supported Ribadu before Mahmoud Halilu Ahmed (Modi) came on board as highlighted in the story, then that’s a different ball game. But I wish to remind this political clowns that Bindow has always made it clear that, he seeks power from Allah and he knows, it is He who govern and taketh power when He wants and from whoever He wants.
I will like to state here that, I am a grassroot politician and a big supporter of Governor Bindow, and for God sake, let’s call spade a spade. I am going to do just that – call spade what it is.
It is understandable that the Ribadu camp are offended considering their chances against Modi and the fact that all of the stakeholders choosed to support Modi for material gain even though he is not the best candidate for them but we can’t they just admit Governor Bindow is doing so well in the state and everybody in Nigeria, not just Adamawa can attest to that.
Therefore, with selfishness and greed come desperation and doltishness, which the Ribadu/Modi camp has shown in abundance with their blackmail and counter blackmails on Governor Bindow. Now they have taken the issue of the venue out of proportion going about to suggest a hotel they paid for as the venue contrary to the police vetted venue. I had expected a more honourable fight from these people, but with each passing day, it is becoming apparent that honour is a virtue they lack.
All of these nonsense can be excused as the height of dirty politicking which they have mastered so well, but accusing the police of corruption by turning down the venu and making wild allegations of bribery is blatant disrespect and contempt to the law enforcement.
I say it without regret that this myopic-minded opposition politicians in Adamawa state have crossed the boundaries of political mindgames by trying to tarnish the image of everyone and every institution just to get to power.
Modi and his team has continue to give the good people of Adamawa state justifiable reasons to loathe their coming to power. It is no wonder that there are continuous cracks in their camps with an insistent betrayal of one another. May these selfish and power hungry politicians never get to power in my dear state.
I cant imagine a disgraced humanbeing like Babachir and his boys Gundiri, Bello Tukur and Sadiq Ganye will be given relevance to destroy APC in Adamawa. Buhari needs to look at issues beyond destroying Bindow. He s destroying Adamawa APC for no reason.
I join the good people of my state in this praying point too. May it be the last we hear of Modi and his likes and anything to do with him after today. Amin.
Bitrus wrote in from Yola and he can be reached on bitrusmich@yahoo.com

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