The Chairman, Adamawa United for change, Alhaji Musa Dasin, have criticize what he described as orchestrated plan by a desperate politicians from state to foist himself on Adamawa people come 2019, the group expressed their worries over they described as ‘power at all cost mentality’, Mr. Dasin  questioned the rationale behind the urgent registration of the company GLOBAL INTEGRITY NETWORKINTEGRITY by those who lost out in their quest to rule Adamawa in 2019, “look at the speed in which the company was registered, how can you convince me that this company was not registered last month to tarnish the image of the Governor, a proper look at the profile of the company with RC: 104969 with Corporate Affairs Commission shows that the company was registered on October 10, 2018, just last month to carried out their evil agenda of tarnishing the name of the Governor. I was reliable informed about the profile of those that fund the company to embarrassed Bindow come 2019, but I promise the sponsors that their evil plots will not see the light of the Day, as Adamawa people will re-elect Bindow come 2019.

Dasin however promised to exposed the profile of those he claimed registered GLOBAL INTEGRITY NETWORKINTEGRITY.

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