Adamawa 2019:Don’t Vote for Candidates That are regular Visitor to Efcc-HammanDiko

As preparation for the 2019 general elections is at the top gear, all the opposition candidates jostling for the number one seat of Adamawa State have been advised to bury their ambitions as there is no space now in the States’ government house. The Founder of Bring Back Bindow/Buhari 2019 (BBB2019), Honorable Dahiru Hammandikko gave the advised in an interview with the Finder Newspaper Correspondent in his office at Yola. Hon. Hammandikko counseled the oppositions that presently, Dougirei government house is occupied by a dynamic, developmental, transformational and workaholic man in person of Senator Mohammed Umar Jibrilla. Noting that Governor Bindow tracks record of achievements in less than four years of administration, are unquantifiable and unquestionable. Stating that they are glaring and transparent for anyone doubting to see or touch. Therefore, the Founder of BBB2019 boasted that because of these sterling and wonderful developments, nobody can beat Governor Jibrilla in the forthcoming 2019 general elections by God’s grace. Commenting further on the narrow opportunity for the oppositions, Hon. Hammandikko who is also an APC’s stalwart in Adamawa state noted that apart from Governor Bindow’s achievements, none of the candidates contending the election with him has his integrity. He maintained that some of them are already charged to Court by the Economic Financial Crimes Commission EFCC while others are waiting for their arraignment date. Hence, Hon. Hammandikko warned the people of the state to be wary of those coming to them in sheep’s clothing that inside they are ravenous wolves. As such, he called on the people to shame all the apprentice politicians going around promising the electorates what they don’t have to give them. Hammandiko adviced aggrieved party members planning to leave APC to rescind their decision, as PDP has nothing to offer come 2019, most of our members that left for the PDP are not relevant in politics. Particularly, he cited Adamawa as the case study by exonerating Mallam Nuhu Ribadu that he is now in full support of Governor Bindow but lashed at Dr. Halilu Ahmad a.k.a Modi and the disgraced former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Babachir Lawal as people who have no relevancy in Adamawa’s politics and so should be disregarded. Hammandiko admonished Adamawa electorates to rally round Governor Mohammed Umar Jibrilla, come 2019 general elections because he is the only one that can take the state to greater height. stated that among all the people contending for the number one seat of the state, Senator Bindow is the best among them because of his sterling achievements just few years in office. He maintained that Governor Jibrilla’s achievements in three years have surpassed human imagination most especially in the area of infrastructural development such as massive roads construction, renovation/ rehabilitation of Schools, hospitals; youths and women empowerment and as well fight against corruption. Thus, he boasted that it was as the result of these tremendous achievements of the Governor that motivated him to established an organization with the aim to canvas supports for his reelection and as well enlighten, educate and mobilize the good people of the state to vote and bring back Bindow comes 2019 general elections. While commenting on the All Progressives Congress (APC) chances of winning the forthcoming general election, the founder of the BBB2019, noted that “APC still have better chance of winning the election because of its achievements in less than one tenure in office. Therefore, he called on all aggrieved party members most especially those that aspired and loss the primary election to the governor to sheath their sword and campaign for the actualization of the party’s mandate of liberating and development of Nigeria.



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