EXCLUSIVE: Why Binani may lose in Adamawa Central – Abdullahi Usman


    A chieftain of  All Progressive Congress in Adamawa has warned that his party might lose the Adamawa Central Senatorial ticket to the opposition in come Saturday, if it fails to address the concerns of party leaders over a plethora of issues he said were drawing back its campaign for the election.

    According to the Abdullahi, there is deep frustration in the ranks of APC central leaders just over two days to the election “and time is running out.”

    He said in an interview with The Finder Newspaper, “All is not going well with our campaign in the central and the commitment of many top party leaders to the campaign is suspect.”

    Abdullahi, who is considered very influential in the party, said he had been contacted by many leaders of the party from across the country who was worried about the preparation of the central senatorial election on Saturday.

    “It seems as if we (including Binani) have conceded the election to the opposition even though Adamawa people are behind us. The momentum has fallen, the possibility of victory is getting slimmer every day,” Abdullahi lamented.

    He said party leaders were aggrieved by alleged anti party activities of Aisha Ahmed alias Binani, lack of consultation by the Senatorial candidate, Aisha Ahmed, before making contact with those fighting the Governor over the party last primary is her undoing.

    Four of the aspirants that ran for the central senatorial ticket are against Mrs. Ahmed.

    But the chieftain said the concerns they expressed had nothing to do with their loss of the party’s ticket.

    “She (Binani) did not consult anybody before doing her things and secondly she yet to come clean on the allegation of unholy alliance with Gov. Bindows opponents in the primary and those that want to see the downfall of the Governor at all cost.

    “They (party leaders) are saying we should have sat down to do a proper calculation on whether the election will favour Binani on Saturday, her over confidence of thinking that contesting under the ruling party will guarantee her victory on Saturday is a huge joke as she has many hurdles to scale through, she lost in 2015 due to this type of over confidence, and now she is at it again.

    “The thinking among many leaders is that since Binani got the APC ticket means she has already won on Saturday is not correct, remember she is the only woman contesting among men from the opposition party, and that will also count against her and also her thinking that without Bindow’s support she will win on Saturday is a joke taken too far.

    “Real leaders who have been committed to the APC, people who did not leave the party during rain or shine, they have been sidelined by the newcomers. Why were leader like Senator Jibril Aminu not given central roles in the campaign?”

    Structure of campaign

    “The campaign has a faulty structure. Most people that follows Binani today has a lot of baggage. As most of them she is consulting has no electoral value to even win councillor in Adamawa State. To worsen the matter, Binani without consultation is banking on the Governors opponents to deliver her on Saturday, if she is not called to order now APC may lose Adamawa central on Saturday”.



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