Bindow has right to pay severance packages to himself and his aide -Group


    Mr Mapida Ikwurunyi, former secretary, Justice Frontier’s forum has said that Governor Mohammed Bindow has the right to pay severance packages to himself and his aides. Ikwurunyi made the clarification on Thursday reacting to the publication that Bindow has paid the exit allowance to himself and his aides.

    He insisted that the law did not limit the powers of any sitting governor or outgoing governor from paying the severance packages to himself and that of his appointees. “The governor has every right to pay exit allowance to himself and those of his political appointees.” Bindow is still the executive governor of Adamawa state till May 29, it is within his executive powers to make payment to himself and his aides as deem fit.

    “So long as he still pays salaries to workers including himself, he equally has the powers by law to pay every benefit accrues to him within the time bound.” It will become an issue when Bindow exercises powers after May 29. “It is instructive to know that no law stop the previous governors from paying severance allowances to themselves, if they failed to pay themselves and today resort to begging, such is their own cup of tea,’ Ikwurunyi stated.

    He advised Mr Solomon Kumangar, the author of the story published by Sahara reporters to retract such publication circulating the media or face public service sanctions. He reminded Kumangar that as a core civil servant, he lacked the moral obligation to issue a statement on behalf of politicians. “Kumangar must conduct himself within the code of conduct of a civil servant and not of a practicing journalist,’ he said.



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