The Adamawa State Governor, Senator Muhammed Umaru Jibrilla Bindow has called on all Muslims in the state to devote themselves to serious prayer for a peaceful and prosperous Adamawa during the Ramadan period.

    In a statement signed by his Special Assistant on Press and Media Affairs, Martins Dickson, Bindow stated that the essence of fasting and total commitment to true worship should draw Muslims closer to their maker and enhance passionate prayers for the state and the nation at large.

    “I would like to extend my warmest wishes to the millions of families observing the holy month of Ramadan in Adamawa State and around the world, this is a blessed period that reflects the essence of human solidarity and of empathy, reflection and for many, giving”.

    “We are in a very dire situation that requires prayers in our state and nation, so I believe that this fasting period offers us the opportunity to seek divine intervention for all the evil happening around and for God to give unfettered wisdom to our leaders across the country”.

    The deteriorating security situation we are witnessing requires a doubling of effort by our security agencies, I believe that this fasting period offers us the opportunity to support our security agencies spiritually and morally.

    Bindow also called for prayers for a more prosperous Adamawa in the years ahead.

    We have done our best to take Adamawa out of the shackles of underdevelopment in the last 4 years, we therefore call for concerted effort in keeping up with the pace of development we have enshrined and for Adamawa to attain the height we all envisaged.

    May we all use this period of fasting to care for the less privileged around us and to help many who do not have by giving daily to those in need.

    Let us all show love and unity as we focus on the primary reason for the fast.

    Bindow added that the holy month of Ramadan conveys a very important message today which we must not forget: may what unites us prevail over what divides us.







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