April/May salary payment; Some Persons Aiming to Tarnish Bindow’s name, Says Dasin

Chairman Adamawa United for a Change, Alhaji Musa Dasin on Saturday said the opposition PDP and some persons have launched a campaign aimed at tarnishing Bindow’s image over April and May salary payment in Adamawa.

On his official Face book page, the chairman posted a disclaimer that they have uncovered a plot by the opposition PDP in Adamawa to frustrate the payment of the remaining salary of April and May 2019 as to cash into it to launch campaign of calumny against Bindow by some persons who according to him are faceless and some identified.

“It has been brought to my attention that while Bindow has gotten 100 percentage pass marks on salary payment since the inception of his administration, members of the opposition that are not comfortable with the feat in cohort with those that never wish Adamawa are planning to unleashed falsehood against Bindow to falsely impugn his name using both faceless and identified persons,” his post read.

It will be recalled that Gov. Bindow promised to pay 30, 000 naira minimum wage to workers before handing over, a decision which the member of the opposition PDP is not comfortable with and so plan to frustrate Bindow’s plan to pay April salary and the minimum wage promised by the governor before handing over.

“We have it on good authority how Zenith Bank in Adamawa is under pressure not to grant overdraft request of Gov. Bindow to enable salary payment of April and May, the promoters of the “fresh air” advocate will come in by May 29 and offset the salary of April, 2019 and May 2019 and give credit to Hon. Umaru Ahmad Fintiri of paying salaries and continue with their slogan of “fresh air”.

“exactly what happened to Nyako in 2014 when he was denied access to the state funds that frustrated him from paying workers salaries and immediately Fintiri took over, he offset the salary arrears and he was given “ATM”, that is what they are planning to do Bindow, which will be resisted by all of us”

“We want to alert Adamawa resident of this heinous plot by this individual to tarnish Bindow’s name using the Bank to frustrate the payment of the remaining two months salaries before handover” we are calling on Adamawa workers to take note of this plot as it is already manifesting in the payment of April salary.


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