Account for N15bn Allocation, Group Challenges Fintiri


    The Chairman Adamawa first initiative, Ibrahim Luka has challenged the governor of Adamawa State, Umaru Fintiri to give full account and details of how he spent the billions left behind by his predecessor and N15 billion the state received from the federal government within two months of his administration as well as from its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in the last 2 months.

    The human right activist who demanded that Fintiri should prove his accountability and judicious application of the said fund with particular reference to each ethnic community in the state said, he has engaged the services of some consultants to value the works Fintiri has done in the state within the period under review.

    In a statement issued in Abuja on Monday by its Publicity Secretary, Samson Luka, the civil society group said even if Fintiri claimed to be paying salary he cannot use all the 15 billion he collected from Abuja to pay salary alone, he should explain to the people all revenue accrued to the state under his watch as it is on record that he has not awarded a single project since he assumed office in Adamawa state.

    It described as disingenuous and sheer blackmail the argument that the money is for payments of salaries and funding of education.

    “That argument is hollow. In the first instance, billions of Naira have been allocated monthly to Adamawa state since the advent of Fintiri administration, i.e. state allocation to Adamawa ranges from 4.8 billion and local governments 3.6 billion naira monthly in the past few months, yet the administration has not kick start a single project or continue any project inherited from Bindow’s administration. Secondly, the only reason the state have remained in captivity is the sheer cluelessness and incompetence on the part of the Fintiri’s Administration, which waited for all of 60 days after taken over power to starting thinking of the project to start with.

    ”Therefore, putting more money in the hands of an incompetent and massively corrupt administration can only encourage more incompetence and corruption. That is why we are asking the Adamawa state Assembly to put national interest above all other considerations by taking a dispassionate, non-partisan look at over two months spending in office by Fintiri without initiating any project.

    ”What we are saying in essence is that the Assembly must summon Fintiri to explain how the huge funds allocated to the state in the past two months has been spent, before more funds can be pumped into the state from Abuja. They must be asked what happened to the 15 billion collected from FAAC within the two months of this administration.

    ”They must also inquire from the administration why it should be claiming to use all the money to pay salary when the governor has few aides appointed by him or he used all the money to pay salaries, one wonder why the fresh air advocates supporters fails to fact check things before pouring praises on Fintiri, it was on record that Senator Bindow on many occasion paid salaries on the 14th of a sallah months and also paid salaries before Christmas and some months not meant for any celebration in Adamawa state the governors praise singers must know that its own integrity and credibility are on the line,” Luka said.

    The group also reminded Adamawa residence that the Bindow administration tarred over 43 roads with two months in office without resorting to any praise singing as we currently witness by Fintiri’s administration, Bindow’s feat in Adamawa was possible due to competent and transparent management of the state’s economy.

    ”On the contrary, billions  of Naira have been pumped into the state in the past months from FAAC, and Adamawa residents still do not have any indication of how soon the governor that promised them heaven and earth will start any project or what happened to the huge allocated funds. Instead, what the tax payers are being asked to do is to shell out more funds to finance the incompetence and corruption of a reckless administration, whose officials move round the state with full convoy and retinue of security aides burn billions of Naira but cannot allow them to witness a any laudable project initiated by Fintiri ,” it said.

    The group wondered why the Fintiri’s Administration that roundly pilloried Senator Bindow’s administration, when he alerted Adamawa residents  to the need to adequately equip and motivate our men and women in the civil service, has now turned around to admit that his administration is still young and it need more time to unveils it plans to the people.

    ”This two months alone, 15 billion Naira was released to the state government from FAAC,  How much of that money has been released so far and how has the funds been spent? What about the equally huge allocations in the previous months? What about the millions of naira generated from the state IGR?

    ”With the Fintiri Administration allegedly spending or setting aside an average of a billion Naira for security votes, and the PDP-led Administration in Adamawa  using the common wealth to fight Yan Shilla boys in Yola is totally unacceptable” it said.



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