Consequential adjustment: Outrage as civil servants rejects 5000 naira for five months arrears

Civil servants in Adamawa State have rejected the 5000 naira paid by the Adamawa state government as five months consequential adjustment for the new minimum wage, saying it was below the expectations of civil servants, the Finder reports.

Muhammad Bashir, a civil servant with the Adamawa state government told this news medium that “it is unacceptable for a governor that promises us welfare to pay 5000 naira for five months as consequential adjustment.

Bashir said that not only was the new minimum wage consequential adjustment unacceptable.

He said, “You cannot be talking about our salary when we are not there; and when workers started receiving their salaries over the weekend, they were disappointed and unhappy.

“Generally all the civil servants in Adamawa are disenchanted because the increment was unimaginable and short of expectations.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Fashe, Adamawa state NLC chairman, when contacted said that “the 5000 naira is for a month arrear and any civil servants that seek clarification should come to the labour house”.



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