Fact check: Documents show Bindow paid the highest Counterpart funding than any other government in Adamawa history; as Adamawa paid six hundred, forty three million from 2012-2017(2017 details of Ramp2 projects executed under Bindow )

Media reports that the Bindow led administration fails to pay counterpart funding for RAMP2 under his watch false, THE FINDER check has shown.

The Bindow led state Government has approved the sum N 256,730,573.00 Budgeted as Government Counterpart Contribution (GCC) for 2017; out of which the sum of 200 million was released to the GCC account.

From inception to date, the sum of N643, 500,000.00 was released to the project as counterpart.  Find below Table showing approved counterpart fund and releas es from 2012 to date.

Table: Counterpart contribution from 2012 to Date.

Year 2012 (N) 2013(N) 2014(N) 2015(N) 2016(N) 2017
Amount Approved












Amount Released


150,000,000.00 30,000,000.00 63,500,000.00 200,000,000.00 Nil 200,000,000.00
Total Amount Released


150,000,000.00 30,000,000.00 63,500,000.00 200,000,000.00 Nil 200,000,000.00
Grand Total Amount Released to Date  

N 643,500,000.00







Physical progress as @ November, 2017:
LOT 1 Physical Progress by Road.

S/No Name of road Length of Road (km) Percentage Completion (%)
1 Jambutu – Boggare               8.2 100
2 Njoboli – Njoboliyo – Rugange 9.4 100
3 Kwananwaya – Namtari 4.2 100
4 Labondo – Goron – Borrong 34.6 75
  Total 56.4  

LOT 2 Physical Progress by Road.

S/No Name of road Length of Road (km) Percentage Completion (%)
1 Mildo – Moduvu – Madagali 14.9 0
2 Kaya – Bitiku – Yinagu – SabonGari 17.5 0
3 Shuwa – Pallam Road 8.1 90
4 Main Road – Koe – Koppa 8.0 50
5 Bazza – Betso mango – Kalikasa – KasudaZah 25 75
  Total 73.5  

LOT 3 Physical Progress by Road.

S/No Name of road Length of Road (km) Percentage Completion (%)
1 New Demsa – Bwashi – Kodomun – Kwaine 28 81
2 Kpasham – Kebali – Yanga 15.2 85
3 Bille – WuroHamawa(Mayo Belwa LGA) 15.5 95
4 Gyawana – Hadiyo – Lamurde 12.8 60
  Total 71.5  
  1.  Summary of Progress
    Below is a table for the summary of the percentage completion for each of the Lots as at November ending, 2017.
    Summary of Progress
LOT Total Length (km) Percentage Completion (%)
Lot 1               56.4 95.09
Lot 2 73.5 33.06
Lot 3 71.5 84.72

Overall progress: 70.95%
NOTE: Towards the end of October, 2017, the contractor for lot 2 in the light of the security challenges still prevailing along Mildo – Moduvu – Yibango – Masawa – Madagali Road (14.9km) and Kaya – Kuda – Bitiku – Yinagu – Sabon Gari Road (17.5km) officially wrote to the client through consultant relinquishing the two roads; the Bank was notified of the development.  Consequently, the assessment of physical progress for lot 2 with the exception of the two roads stands as follows:

S/No Name of road Length of Road (km) Percentage Completion (%)
1 Shuwa – Pallam Road 8.1 90
2 Main Road – Koe – Koppa 8.0 50
3 Bazza – Betso mango – Kalikasa – Kasuda –Zah 25 75
  Total 41.1  

Summary of Progress

LOT Total Length (km) Percentage Completion (%)
Lot 1                   56.4 95.09
Lot 2 41.1 59.52
Lot 3 71.5 84.72

Overall progress:  79.75%

The Adamawa SPIU identified and rehabilitated 10KM Pilot road along Mayo Lamja Kudaku- Bura Manga in Mayo Belwa Local Government Area of Adamawa State. The benefiting communities along the pilot road were sensitized and formed a maintenance team that was registered as a cooperative comprising of ten members drawn from the benefitting
communities along the pilot road.

The maintenance team was trained on simple routine road maintenance and was provided with implements such as tricycles, diggers, wheel barrow, shovel etc to enable them carry out their duties. The SPIU have signed four rounds of contracts on the 16th March, 2014, 22nd April, 2015, July, 2016 and 11th July, 2017 respectively with the Community Based Maintenance team. The fourth round of contract will expire in June, 2018.  Table below Shows details of rounds of contract signed with the maintenance team.

In each of the contract signed with the maintenance team, the total sum of N200, 000.00 was to be paid to the maintenance team on monthly (i.e. N2, 400,000.00 yearly) basis at the cost of N20, 000.00/person/km. To date, the sum of N 8,045,000.00 was paid to the maintenance team. See table below for details.

Name of Maintenance Team Name of Road & Location No. of KM Total No. Of Members No. Females No. of Males Date of 1st contract signing Date of 2nd contract


Date of 3rd contract


Date of 4th contract


Mayo Lamja Lapeng Maintenance Gang Mayo Lamja Kudaku- Bura Manga/ Mayo Belwa L.G.A 10 10 3 7 16th March, 2015 22nd April, 2015 July, 2016 July




2014 2015 2016


2,400,000.00 2,395,000.00 2,400,000.00 2,300,000.00 2,400,000.00 200,000.00 2,400,000.00 950,000.00

NOTE: In the first and second contract, payment was made 100% from IDA. However for the third and fourth round of contract, payment is be based on the 50% IDA and 50% Counterpart funding arrangement.
Other pilot roads rehabilitated:
1.    Bura Manga – Ganjlamja (10km)
2.    Pakka – Humbutudi   (7.5km)
Annual mechanized Maintenance:
Following the clearance of the 2017 budget by the state government and the donor agencies; the annual mechanized maintenance of some roads to make up the 50km pilot road for the State commenced. The table below shows the name of the roads, contractors and the contract amounts.

s/n Name of road Contract Amount


Name of Contractor Status
1 Gotel –Labondo (11km)  72,067,012.50 Hydrosource and resource 100%
2 Fufore – Dasin Hausa(7km) 35,455,350.00 HIMMAD NIG. LTD AWARD PROCESS ONGOING
3 Mayolamja – Buramanga (10km) 58,550,100.00 IBRAMOH & SONS GLOBAL ENT. LTD. AWARD PROCESS ONGOING
4 Shuwa – Kirchinga (8.5km) 37,758,840.00 BOZEAL NIG. LTD. AWARD PROCESS ONGOING

Other Maintenance Groups Formed By the Benefiting Communities:
Maintenance teams were formed and all necessary registrations completed. What is outstanding is the training of the maintenance team and their subsequent engagement. The SPIU plan to formally inaugurate and engage the maintenance team during the road commissioning ceremony for the first set of roads completed out of the 201.4km first phase and the pilot roads annual mechanized maintenance completed. The roads are:
1.    Pakka – humbutudi          7.5km
2.    Shuwa – Kirchinga         8.5km
3.    Fufore – Dashin Hausa       7km
4.    All the roads in lot 1 and 3
5.    Progress on GIS
The State Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) awarded contract to GN Tsundass Nigeria Limited on the 02th February, 2017 for the Consultancy Service for Rural Road Inventories and GIS Based Mapping for Road Asset Management. The contract was signed on the 21st March, 2017 at the contract sum of N29, 758,500.00
The consultant having carried out the assignment in line with the TOR and the general condition of contract signed and his subsequent submission of the final report was paid the sum N10, 415,425.00 being final payment to the consultant on the 7th /12/2017. The consultant has submitted all the necessary documents, installed soft wares and submitted all relevant materials. The assignment has been completed. The total sum of N29,758,500.00 was paid to the consultant.

  1.  Disbursement and counterpart funding
    a.    Disbursement
    i.    Draw Down: $20,123,831.80
    ii.    Disbursement to contractors presented in table below




1 1,396,852,678.02(RETC) 1,133,852,678.02
2 974,183,875.14 302,001,878.29
3 880,763,817.39 (RETC) 650,947,042.82

iii.    Amount disbursed to the consultant:

Contract sum: N 210,850,500.00
Amount disbursed: N 83,850,573.67


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