Breaking: Resign before Participating in Politics, Group lambast Mautech VC, Prof. Tukur.

The chairman, Adamawa first initiative has advised the Vice Chancellor, Modibbo Adamawa University, (MAUTECH) to resign his appointment as the Vice Chancellor to partake actively in political activities in Adamawa not the current role he is allegedly playing in Fintiri’s administration of pulling the string.

A letter signed in Abuja on July 14, 2020 by Ibrahim Luka, Chairman of the group admonish Governor Fintiri to rid his administration of influence of the allege cabals dedicating how governance is run in Adamawa and also his alleged role of deciding who get what in Fintiri’s government is totally unacceptable.

Luka said in accordance with the Constitution, which provides that “a public officer shall not put himself/herself in a position where his personal interest conflicts or is likely to conflict with the performance of the functions of his office.”

In furtherance of that, the group added that, Tukur as public officials has shown interest of a political part or openly support a political party or candidate in need of action.

The statement explained that, Tukur should resign his appointment as Vice chancellor to join Fintiri administration not playing behind the scene role, as his rights to join a political party or associate with any group of his choice was likely to conflict with the performance of functions as a Vice Chancellor.

The group said that civil servants cannot hold political positions as stipulated in the Civil Service Act.

The group argued that Tukur’s open romance with Fintiri constituted a violation of the Civil Service Act, which forbids civil servants from participating in politics.

“Adamawa voters voted for Fintiri not the cabals misleading the governor to derail from delivering on the promises he made to the people of Adamawa” Luka opined.

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