Pallitives: Adamawa State bought ten new luxury buses, not the FG-Committee

The Adamawa State Palliative Committee has confirmed obtaining a federal government loan of two billion naira as part of a measure to offset the impact of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s suspension of subsidies.

Hon. Auwal D. Tukur, head of the committee, made the statement during a news conference at the state government house in Yola.

He stated that the goal of the briefing is to tell our people about the committee’s efforts on palliative care in the state.

“Adamawa State, like all other states in the Federation, has received two billion naira in federal funds that must be repaid. Aside from five trailers of rice, the Adamawa state government has received any  food items from the Federal government in repect to subsidy pallitive”.

However, he noted that the government has acquired fifty trucks of rice, which would be divided into 25-kg branded bags in order to deter market sharp practises.

He indicated that they want to start delivery on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, focusing on the Yola and Mubi regions. He highlighted that they had not yet got maize, but that the federal government had informed them that trucks from Kaduna will come tomorrow, Tuesday.

Hon. Tukur added that they intend to operate with utmost transparency in order to assist the people since they have nothing to hide. He asked the press to help the government enlighten the public about its activities and to raise concerns whenever possible.

He stated that they had planned the distribution pattern as well as the number of bags that would be distributed to each local government.

“They have also taken the numbers of each local government ward, because their distribution will be based on ward, and each ward will receive an equal number of bags of wheat.”

He also stated that rice and maize will be subsidised at a minimum of 50% on the market. The government will contribute more funds to the sales proceeds in order to maintain the supply of grains, as the government cannot afford to continue the plan if it is given away for free.

To that end, Hon. Auwal D. Tukur, who also serves as Secretary to the State Government, stated that a robust monitoring and assessment committee comprised of members of the State House of Assembly and others has been established to ensure that the items are delivered to the people in a timely manner.

However, it was established that the state’s new ten opulent buses were purchased with state government cash rather than the federal government’s two-billion-naira loan.

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