Borno Govt raises concern over proliferation of lottery houses

The Borno Geographical Information Service (BOGIS) has expressed worry over the spread of illicit lottery houses in Maiduguri and surrounding areas.
According to Adam Bababe, Executive Secretary of the BOGIS, there has been a noteworthy surge in persons leasing out their sites in residential and commercial areas to such lottery or gaming house operators.

“BOGIS would like to inform the public that it has observed an increase in the leasing of legally allocated spaces, whether for commercial or residential purposes, to lottery or game house operators, which is strictly prohibited by law.”

“The presence of these gaming and betting houses in our state has resulted in numerous complaints from concerned residents because it exposes a significant number of our youth to various forms of criminal and notorious activities, all in search of funds to finance lottery games.”

“In light of these developments, BOGIS would like to reiterate that providing spaces and shops for lottery and gaming houses violates established regulations,” Bababe stated.He cited Section 13, sub-section 2 of the Borno State Land Use Regulation 2022, which requires title holders to follow the terms and conditions of their right of occupation.

Any deviation from the criteria, including engaging in activities that clash with permitted land use, might result in the revocation of the land title, according to him. Furthermore, Section 205 of Borno State’s Penal Code rules states that keeping a home or location for betting or playing games of chance, such as bet king, bet Naija, sport bet, and so on, as well as helping in such activities, is a criminal crime punishable by imprisonment.

“It is important to note that the law establishing the Borno Geographic Information Service grants the agency the authority to address any land-related administration and management.” “We kindly request your cooperation in ensuring that our shared spaces are used responsibly and in accordance with the law,” Bababe said.

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