NOA calls on NLC and TUC to call off statewide strike

The National Orientation Agency has appealed to the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress to consider delaying the intended statewide strike, which began today.

It also urged labour unions to wait for the investigation into the assault on NLC president Joe Ajearo in Imo State to end before taking any action.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Agency Director General Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu said that, at the present time, it is in the nation’s economic growth and development’s best interest to halt the industrial action.

We need to proceed with great care and compassion for the people of the United States right now. We’re appealing to the highest level of patriotism that unions represent,” he said.

Rather of resorting to strike action, the NOA Director-General suggested that the workers unions try talking to the Federal Government about their concerns.

He went on to say that no Nigerian should have to put up with treatment like that from their own people and condemned the attack on the Labour leader. He mentioned that the Inspector General of Police has taken action by forming a group to look into what happened and find those responsible.

He continued, “The Nigerian economy suffers greatly whenever there are strike actions. The federal government is currently enacting policies meant to revitalise our economy in order to advance our country, so this is not the best time to do so.

An indefinite strike declaration at this time would be counterproductive. Constant strikes have a negative impact on a country’s economy and can have far-reaching consequences. Such measures would have a devastating effect on our economy and further exacerbate Nigerians’ poverty, he said.

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