Russia’s government awards scholarships to 179 students from Nigeria.

The Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman, has announced that 179 Nigerians have been granted scholarships to attend various universities in Russia.

On Tuesday in Abuja, Bilateral Education Agreement Scholars to Russia were briefed before their departure, and Mamman announced that the first group of students was on its way to the airport.

The second and third waves, he says, will leave on November 15 and November 17, respectively.

Mamman, who was represented by Mrs. Rakiya Ilyasu, the Director of University Education at the ministry, urged the students not to use the event as an excuse to engage in behaviour that would bring shame to the country.

He said that the country had put a lot of money into them, and now it expected a return on its investment.

Don’t take this chance for granted; it’s only granted to a select handful out of thousands. If you did well in school, your parents and instructors would be proud, too.

“Your selection is part of a larger strategy to help bright Nigerians, particularly those whose financial circumstances prevent them from pursuing educational opportunities that are not widely available in their home country, acquire the knowledge, skills, and competence they’ll need to contribute to Nigeria’s development agenda.

The number of our development partners has expanded, and several of them now provide scholarships to Nigeria, which I am pleased to report despite the worldwide economic disaster.

His advice was to “be a good ambassador of your country” and “uphold and eschew good principles” as they packed for their trip.

The Minister urged the students to respect the laws of their host country and to look out for one another while they are there.

The Nigerian Embassy in Moscow needs to be notified of your presence. Our time in Ukraine has taught us that this is an absolute must.

It’s clear that your parents are investing much in you as well. Please remember that when you finish your education, we all hope that you’ll come back to Nigeria to do your part in making it a better place by applying what you’ve learned.

Asta Ndajiwo, director of the Federal Scholarship Board, also spoke, noting that the process of nominating candidates began in November 2022 with applications from thousands of Nigerians.

In particular, Ndajiwo praised the Federal Government for its efforts to pay the scholars’ stipend from September to December.

She recalled an event in which two students drowned while swimming, and she urged the students to give up any hobbies or interests that could endanger their lives.

“We lament losing two Nigerian scholars in Russia in the past who went to swim and, in the process, got drowned. Avoid the water if you can’t swim; we don’t want to lose anyone else.

To be a good student and representative of your country, we expect you to look out for your siblings and study diligently.

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