Retired generals urge FG to prioritise the wellbeing of ex-servicemen.

Air Commodore Emmanuel Golit, who served as the 35th Regular Course’s immediate past president, has urged the federal government to maintain its support for the country’s retired soldiers.

Golit made the announcement at a Gala Night in Abuja on Saturday, which was part of celebrations for the 35RC’s 40th anniversary.

He emphasised the critical nature of the call, saying it was necessary given the specialised training they had received and the state of instability in the nation.

Golit pointed out that a man’s training and skills were greatly enhanced after years of dedicated service to his country, right up to retirement.

He went on to say that the government should look out for the security forces’ employees, especially those with skills that insurgents could use or pay for.

He claims that, for reasons of national security, the government should prohibit this organisation from selling its expertise to criminals, terrorists, non-state actors, or anybody else who may require it.

Given the document’s longevity, it is the responsibility of the government to periodically assess the well-being and condition of military personnel.

There hasn’t been a plan to revisit this paper and consider how to incorporate a couple of new areas that can better support these individuals with their extensive skill sets since the 1970s.

The government is not getting its money’s worth because no policy has been put in place to guarantee this.

To prevent people with valuable abilities from squandering them, or to encourage them to put their skills to use by creating jobs, Nigeria should make it easier for them to get loans.

“Beyond this climate, serving your country for ten years and then retiring means seeking out a way to mend yourself so that you may keep serving,” he remarked.

The course’s “Friends of the Needy, Hope, and Success Foundation” activities have been helping members and society at large, according to Golit, who spoke during their 40th anniversary celebration.

Retired Major General John Malu, who is the chairman of the 35th Regimental Committee and a cadet himself, noted that many of the members had served 35 years before retiring and that January 19th marked the 40th anniversary of their admission to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) as regular cadets.

Malu claimed that they established the foundation out of a desire to maintain harmony so that they could assist both themselves and those in need.

Specifically addressing the impact on security, Malu urged all branches of the Nigerian security services to stand together and confront the difficulties head-on, saying that the country must acknowledge that it is going through difficult times.

Because good will ultimately triumph over evil and our security forces have been working tirelessly, he believes that our nation will eventually triumph.

The newly inaugurated 35 RC president, retired Air Commodore Danladi Bausa, made a solemn vow to uphold the unity and camaraderie that had previously existed among them.

To combat the insurgency and other types of insecurity plaguing the nation, he urged the remaining service members to keep giving it their all in all theatres of operations.

He insists that the troops should “keep doing what they are doing and what they know how to do best and, if possible, eliminate the enemies of this country from the face of the earth,” despite the inevitable distractions and difficulties.

Retired Maj.-Gen. Ahmed-Tijani Jibril represented the Minister of Defence, Alhaji Muhammed Badaru, who praised the officers for their dedication and selflessness during their time serving the country.

Badaru extended his condolences to the families of the deceased, wished the living members good health, and emphasised the need to maintain unity among them.

He encouraged them to always seek ways to make a difference, no matter where they were, and to mentor as many members of the serving troops as they could.

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