School attacks will reduce in 2024 -NSCDC

Attacks on Nigerian schools will be significantly reduced, according to Dr. Ahmed Audi, Commandant-General (CG) of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

During a press conference in Abuja on Sunday, Audi made this statement.

The assault on schools, he warned, would be met with grassroots efforts.

Our strategy includes a focus on non-kinetic approaches while simultaneously addressing the underlying factors that contribute to this asymmetric conflict.

The goal of this strategy is to raise awareness and the ability to recognise suspicious movements among Nigerians by actively involving community leaders, members, students, and teachers.

“If you see something, say it. Together, we can nip this problem in the bud. This will help them to know when to call the attention of the government as well as provide timely information,” Audi added.

Schools are considered vital infrastructure, according to the CG, who also mentioned that the corps is responsible for running the National Safe School Response Coordination Centre (NSSRCC) at the NSCDC headquarters in Abuja.

A total of 48 attempted attacks on schools around the country had been thwarted by the center’s rapid response squad, according to CG.

He claims that in an effort to disorganize and have a terrible and crippling effect on the country, bandits have targeted schools, students, and instructors while destroying educational infrastructure.

According to the helmsman, this is why the corps has chosen to use the first quarter to engage with the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) and raise awareness about the need for security response centres in each state.

We would like to convey our deepest concerns by drawing their attention to the critical need for a state response centre to ensure the safety of our nation’s schools.

“Discussions with state governments have already begun,” he announced.

According to Audi, certain states have taken action by establishing coordination centres to encourage safer schools. These states include Kano, Benue, Nasarawa, and Rivers.

“I am confident that nations that have not yet responded would reply following the engagement since this is of national interest,” he stated.

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