Fubara Warns Critics Not to Misunderstand Peace Pact as a Sign of Weakness

Gov. Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State has threatened to shock those who see his sincere desire to execute the presidential peace accord as an indication of capitulation.

The governor, Fubara, stated that he had exercised maturity and prudence by remaining mute while being bombarded with remarks regarding the peace initiative’s implementation in the media.

He insisted that clarification was necessary by setting the record right, saying that the arrangement adopted when President Bola Tinubu intervened in the political crisis that befell the state on October 30, 2023, was a political solution.

Governor Fubara stated that he has subsequently started carrying out the agreement’s provisions out of pure respect for President Tinubu, but he warned that other political players seemed to see his modesty and submission as an indication of frailty.

As the governor put it, “What is happening here in our beautiful State is somebody who has respect for an elder.” That was said for the record.

After gathering all the relevant parties in Abuja, Mr. President issued a resolution that we are to carry out. I am going to put my resolution into action. This is not an attempt to enforce the constitution. This is an example of a political solution.

The utmost regard I have for the president compels me to do this. However, I must state that if my acceptable action is perceived as a weakness, I will shock them. I would like for this message to reach them.

The governor of Rivers State, Fubara, spoke at a solidarity rally with NULGE members from all 23 LGAs on Wednesday at Government House Gate in Port Harcourt. He said the large turnout was more evidence of the organic support his administration has maintained from the state’s residents.

Someone mentioned a few days back that we are occupied with renting out crowds for Thanksgiving. There is a striking similarity between what I have witnessed here today and what takes place during those Thanksgiving rallies. All they are doing is praising God and the government.

While speaking about the legacy he hoped to leave behind, Governor Fubara said, “It should also be about the lives that have been touched genuinely; about the policies enacted without any inducement to better the lives of the people and the society.”

Peacefully obeying the regulations, showing understanding over acts made, and continuing to support his administration are all things the governor emphasised.

I will support you when you are acting morally. You will not be intimidated by anyone, full or half. Get ready, get ready, because things are about to get heated in Rivers State. All plans will be put into action.

The governor has announced that employees of local governments will begin receiving a minimum wage of N30,000.00 in April, with promotions to follow.

In addition, he assured retirees from local government that they would continue to get their benefits on a regular basis and that he would work to finish the details of implementing the Consolidated Salary Scale for Grade Level 17.

We shall continue to lead you in reverence of God for our people, the magnificent and exceptional people of Rivers State.

“A person’s maturity determines their age, not the other way around. It is the essence of an individual’s personality. People whose attitude is plainly immature make me choose not to respond to them, even though I thought they were mature.

“I will not let myself or anybody else working with me in this administration be manipulated, mistreated, or abused in the name of running this governance. I will remain mature and unconcerned with my age.”

The chairman of NULGE in Rivers State, Clifford Paul, addressed the governor during a thank-you rally, explaining that the workers were grateful for his affection for them.

According to Mr. Paul, the workers’ fortunes have turned around and their optimism has been revived thanks to Governor Fubara. Fubara has lifted the right-year prohibition on advancement and instructed the payment of a minimum wage of N30,000.00 to the workers, putting them on par with their peers across the country.

Representing his national president, Ajewole Ayedele, national secretary of NULGE, expressed joy at Governor Fubara’s pro-people policies, highlighting the relief from stagnation and frustration that workers had been experiencing.

The governor could rest certain that the union’s support for his administration would remain unwavering, according to Comrade Ayedele.

“During our most recent NEC meeting, the State Chairman informed us that you had taken a number of measures affecting the welfare of local government employees. This is because, historically speaking, Rivers State has served as an example to other states in Nigeria on the treatment of its local government employees.

“Someone from the North commented that when he said it, it suggests the new governor is trying to distance himself from the reality of the situation. We’re wondering how workers can be on the job for eight years without being promoted?”

But because you are wise and have done it for us, we will do the same for you. You are so dedicated to our well-being and service, Your Excellency, and I want you to know that anytime you summon us, we will be there in full force to stand in solidarity with you, pray for you, and associate with you, the national officer continued.

A member of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Rivers State, Comrade Alex Agwanwor, stated that employees have decided to support Governor Fubara due to his affection for them, his ability to make them happy, and his contributions to the state’s prosperity and development.

The NLC, according to Comrade Agwanwor, will not think twice about seizing any property utilised by the members of the Rivers State House of Assembly, headed by Rt. Hon. Martin Amaewhule, should they decide to initiate fresh impeachment procedures against the governor.

He went on to say that if lawmakers choose to ignore caution, organised labour will have no choice but to pull its members out of their collaboration with them.

If Governor Fubara does not put the presidential peace deal regarding the political issue in Rivers into action, the state’s House of Assembly threatened last week to begin impeachment procedures.

Resubmitting the 2024 appropriation measure to the assembly headed by Martin Amaewhule is an item that Governor Fubara has not yet completed.

Forum of Rivers State Government Teachers with Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) on a peaceful walk to request transfer from public primary and secondary schools to tertiary institutions in the State was received earlier by Governor Fubara by the Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Tammy Danagogo.

The Governor vowed that his administration will ensure that government employees are given the opportunity to fulfil their role in the state’s growth.

That, he claims, is because his government is sympathetic to the struggles faced by the state’s civil and public personnel.

Nevertheless, Governor Fubara cautioned them to be mentally ready to undergo screening in the event that their appeal is addressed.



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