We will disgrace Captain Buba at the poll, if he attempts to contest in 2023 –Gombi/Hong Youths

The secretary, Justice Frontiers, Ikwurnyi Mapida, has called the bluff of the member representing Gombi/Hong federal constituency, Yusuf Captain Buba, with a vow to disgrace him at the 2023 general elections.

This time around Ikwurnyi has said with the popularity of the PDP in Gombi/ Hong, the party would win the 2023 elections despite the alleged empty boast of Buba.

He described Rep. Buba as poor students of his own history who had forgotten how he won in 2015 on sympathy votes and how he won 2019 due to protest votes against the candidate field by the PDP for Gombi/Hong on it platform.

Ikwurnyi spoke in reaction to the earlier statement credited to Captain Buba where he boasts he will defeat his opponents come 2023 for Gombi/Hong.

Rep. Buba is at loggerheads with the youths from Gombi/Hong due to his third term ambition which the youths described as a taboo.

The youth group warns APC of the danger of fielding Buba for third term as they threaten to defect to other political parties to pursue their ambitions if he is given APC ticket in 2023.

“Yusuf Captain Buba talks as if he is invincible, he has forgotten that sympathy votes brought him in 2015 and protest votes saw in through 2019. So if he decides to contest history will not repeat itself in 2023 as his claim.”

Ikwurnyi said: “Buba think our political future is tied to him; he is poor students of his own political history

“Whether you are a big or small man, the rules are not supposed to discriminate. Buba popularity in Gombi/ Hong is waning day by day. It is not that once you are a representative you have high electoral value.

“Even within APC, Buba has become electoral liabilities.”

He added that the actions of Buba would affect the fortunes of the APC in Gombi/Hong in 2023 elections.

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