Misleading claims: Impeach Mackondo now; Group tells Adamawa state House of Assembly

Myriad of criticisms has started trailing Deputy Speaker of the Adamawa state House of Assembly Mackondo’s baseless allegation that the current management of the state-owned polytechnic has moved major courses offered in the Numan branch of the polytechnic to the main campus.

Many Adamawa residents have lampooned the Numan, born politician, calls for his impeachment, described his comment in the plenary as hypocritical.

Few Adamawa residents THE FINDER sought their views were also unhappy with the local government worker turned politician, describing him as an enemy of progress.

They, therefore, advised him to concentrate on actualizing the opening of Guyuk campus of ADSU, Mubi than looking for a skeleton in the cupboard where there is none.

Reacting, the chairman, Adamawa first initiative, Ibrahim Luka told this news medium that “I don’t think what Mackondo said should be a surprise to any Adamawa residents who are keenly following the trend of events since he assumed office as deputy speaker.

Mackondo is not in the best position to make any public comment about delisting any courses from the Numan campus of the polytechnic due to his limited knowledge of how higher institutions are run.

This is someone that has been accused of being an ethnic bigot among the twenty-three members of the Adamawa state House of Assembly in Adamawa today.

That’s why he is not happy with the on-going transformation of the polytechnic by the current management of the institution that ensures equitable distributions of projects among the three campus of the polytechnic, because he knows his plan to cause division and crisis have failed woefully.

His statement was meant to ridicule the management and cause crisis between the management and the governor. And that’s hypocritical.”

“Pwamwakeno Mackondo doesn’t have the locus to comment on anything that has to do with higher education as he is yet to understand the rudiment of being a university graduate talk more of being a Professor to management higher learning like SPY.

He should keep his comment to himself until he purges himself of being an ethnic bigot.
He is an enemy of progress.

He should leave that matter. Whatever anybody may say, to me, the management is transforming the polytechnic. It is a matter of time. Mackondo cannot reason beyond his ethnic bigotry; that’s why he made an allegation that is inaccurate and sensational.”

“Pwamwakeno Mackondo is entitled to his opinion, not only as Deputy Speaker but as an Adamawa resident. His assessment of the happening in the polytechnic is biased. His statement is hypocritical.

He is afraid of being swept away by the tide of the crusade, and Maybe they brought up this allegation against the management to cow the school authority which has already fail on arrival.

He is leading a cabal in the State Assembly which is frustrating Fintiri’s efforts in shaping Adamawa educational system.

He should be ashamed. If I were Mackondo, I would have resigned. I think my best advice for him now is that he should face the planned opening of the ADSU branch at Guyuk, not chasing a shadow.”

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