Sex toy shop saga, not Fintiri responsible for Ishaku Abbo’s defection to APC – Group

The Chairman, Adamawa first initiative has blamed the sex toy shop incident between Ishaku Abbo and Miss Warmate in Abuja that is responsible for the recent defection of the Senator to All progressive Congress to escape the impending punitive measure plan by the senate leadership on Abbo, not Fintiri’s mismanage of the party.


This civil society organisation’s position is contained in a statement titled, ‘Ishaku Abbo’s escape to APC and the forgiveness of his sins by senate leadership’, signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Buni Muchalla, in Abuja, on Sunday.


According to the statement, the senator representing Adamawa north defected to the APC to save his neck from the punishment plan by the senate leadership as the Senate leadership refused to act on the report submitted by Senator Oluremi Tinubu’s committee to hoodwink Abbo to defect into the APC, as the allegation of Fintiri mismanagement of the party is an alibi put forward by the senator to save his face from public odium and ridicule.”


The CSO noted that the “grandstanding by the senate leadership on Ishaku Abbo in response to revelations of abuses and sleaze emanating from the investigation of the senate concerning the sex toy shop incident, exposed a desperate attempt by Ahmed Lawan senate to delink certain of its officials from an indictment in the saga as far as such person decamps to APC.


Buni said, “The recent revelations of widespread assault on the lady at the sex toy shop in Abuja have also exposed the hypocrisy of the APC and how its former chairman, Oshiomhole was quoted to have said that “decamp to APC and your sins are forgiven”.


“The picture is becoming clearer on how the APC lead senate hoodwinks Abbo to defect in their fold thinking Abbo has electoral value in Adamawa not knowing that he can only win an election on Facebook, not in reality.


“From unfolding events, Nigerians are no longer in doubt that the report of the senate committee on the sex toy shop incident involving Ishakku Abbo has been thrown into the dustbin or the report will be doctored to exonerate Abbo since he has defected to the APC and his sins are forgiven.


“The recent defection has exposed Abbo as a deceitful fellow that came to power by pretence and pointing of accusing fingers at others while its real intention had always been to amass wealth with nothing on ground to show as a senator.”


The statement further read, “This explains why Ishaku Abbo failed to showcase his achievements apart from few classrooms renovated by UBEC.


“It equally explains why Abbo fails to showcase the achievements he claims he personally sponsored from his pocket till date.”


The group urged Adamawa resident to disregard any statement from Abbo as it wonders why someone that calls the APC a party of “grand fraud” could make a u-turn to joined them means that he will soon decamp from the party if the ticket is not handed over to him come 2023.


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